Ideal Locations In Your Home For Your Gun Safe

3 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you own one or more firearms, one of your chief priorities is to ensure that they remain safe. Part of this safety mission includes locking them up inside your home in a gun safe. The lock on the gun safe will prevent someone from accessing it, but you also want to limit the risk of the entire safe being taken if your home is broken into. To minimize this risk, it's ideal to place your gun safe in an area in which it's less likely to be seen. This can be a challenge with larger safes, but a little creativity can still get the job done right. Here are some ideal locations to keep your gun safe.

In The Rear Of A Closet

When a burglar makes entry to your home, he or she will typically be looking to access high-value items quickly. This can mean looking on your dresser for money and jewelry, as well as in areas of your home in which you keep electronics. In many cases, burglars won't bother with your clothing, which makes it ideal to store your gun safe in the rear of a closet. If you push the safe against the back wall, you should still be able to hang clothing on hangers in front of it. This means that unless the burglar starts sorting through your apparel, the gun safe will likely be undetected.

In The Garage

Your garage can also be a suitable hiding spot for a gun safe. Many peoples' garages are cluttered with a wide range of items, which means that you can reasonably situate the safe in the corner of the room and place some large, bulky things in front of it. For example, if you have a couple sets of seasonal tires for your vehicle, placing them in front of the safe can hide it. You should avoid, however, placing high-value items such as power tools in front of the safe. A thief could take these items and then realize the safe's location.

In A Food Storage Area

If you're looking to hide a small gun safe, such as one designed to hold handguns, you can often stash it where you store food. A basement pantry shelf lined with canned goods, for example, is unlikely to be a point of focus for a burglar looking for valuables inside your home. Placing the safe behind several stacks of canned goods gives it a good chance of being undetected.