Four Things You Need To Know About Lighted Mirrors

6 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you want a great way to get a better look at your face when you put on makeup, shave, fix your hair, or do anything else, a lighted mirror is the way to go. But be aware that the addition of lights around the edge of the mirror can bring with them the need for some special treatment. Using and caring for a lighted mirror isn't difficult, but you do have to keep some things in mind, such as these four considerations.

UL rating

Try to ensure the mirror you get is UL-certified. UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) certification indicates the mirror is generally safe to use and that it meets certain standards that allow it to work safely when plugged in. It's a very common certification, but it's not always required. If you find a mirror that is UL-certified, you know that the company has taken the extra step to ensure the mirror will be safe.

Cleaning Safety

Another safety issue is cleaning. You can clean these mirrors with regular household cleaning products, but you have to be careful about the heat from the bulbs and the cord that's plugged in. Unplug the mirror and let it cool down (if the lights are LED lights, the mirror will cool down faster, but give it a few more minutes anyway just to be sure) before you clean it. If you've used a cleaning product (as opposed to just dusting the mirror), wait until the product has completely dried before you turn the lights on again so that you don't heat up any residue.

Bulb Protection

Many lighted mirrors have the bulbs encased in the frame of the mirror. Some, though, have exposed bulbs around the perimeter (think of the classic Hollywood dressing room mirror). You want to be a little more careful with these in terms of protecting the bulbs from things like splashes of water and breakage just because the exposed bulbs don't have that additional protective layer on top of them.

Unplugged When Not in Use

Lighted mirrors often draw electricity even when they're off, similar to printers and other smaller appliances. Unplugging the mirror when you're done using it is prudent.

If you have other questions about safely using an led mirror or other lighted mirror, choosing a style of mirror, or anything else, talk to mirror sellers. They can let you know what sort of comments previous customers had regarding different models.