3 Essential Tips For Pre-Screening Employee Candidates

22 October 2015
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In today's digital era, all vigilant recruiters should be screening potential employers prior to holding interviews. Pre-screening gives recruiters a chance to build a complete character profile, from which they can accurately pinpoint those candidates that fit their company's ethos. If you are looking to pre-screen candidates, there are a few key points to keep in mind:  Social Media Is Invaluable The widespread use of social media gives recruiters a wealth of invaluable information when screening candidates. Read More 

Tips For Moving With Houseplants

18 February 2015
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Household moves can be challenging under the best of circumstances, particularly if you must downsize your belongings for the move. Deciding what goes with you and what needs to find another home can be emotionally exhausting. Some things, like you collection of houseplants, may not be necessary, but also hold more than sentimental value. Like pets, plants are part of what makes your house a home and, as such, deserve to be taken along. Read More 

Winter Air Conditioning Maintenance

13 January 2015
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As the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall the last thing on your mind might be turning on your air conditioning. While cranking up the AC is probably a bad idea on a cold, blustery day, taking steps to protect your unit during the cold months is the opposite of a bad idea. The first time you need your air conditioner, you aren't going to want to deal with any issues. Read More