Teen Done Playing Baseball? How To Preserve Their Jersey

13 May 2022
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If your teen's baseball career is over, you may want to preserve their last jersey. This allows you and your teen to have good memories when they look at it in the future. Below are three ways you can do this, so you won't have to worry about the jersey getting damaged in any way.

Use a Sports Shadow Box

One way to preserve the jersey is to use a sports shadow box. This is a display case that preserves items, such as sports jerseys, flags, photos, and other keepsakes or heirlooms. No matter what you put in the shadow box it is completely protected from damage, humidity, dust, and air. 

You can find sports shadow boxes that have a reflective glass or do not have a reflective glass. Some have a front that you can easily open while others are completely locked in place. 

Shadow boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose a rectangular or square shape. Most are made of wood but can be found in other materials. You can find shadow boxes that are made to hang on a wall or others that are meant to display on a bookshelf, table, or other furniture. 


You can hang the jersey but if you do make sure you choose a padded thick hanger. If you hang the jersey on a thin frame this will cause damage to the shoulder area. Cover the jersey with sealed plastic to protect it from dust, air, moisture, etc. Hang the jersey in a closet instead of hanging it in an attic or other area. Keeping the jersey in the main part of your home is important as the temperature will not drastically change throughout the day. 


There are airtight boxes that you can purchase to store the jersey in. If you choose this, buy a box large enough to lay the jersey flat. If it is not large enough, roll the jersey instead of folding it. This will prevent creases from forming.  Put filler material in the box to prevent the jersey from moving while it is stored. As with hanging the jersey, keep the box in a main area of your home, such as on a closet shelf, to protect from temperature changes. 

Choosing to store your teen's jersey in the right way will ensure you can enjoy seeing it for many years to come.   

Consider using a custom shadow box to store your teen's jersey.