Protecting Your Home From Radon In The Water

15 March 2021
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Radon is an element that can be extremely hazardous, and it can be a substance that can find its way into your home through a couple of different methods. This will make it important to ensure that you are taking steps that will reduce the potential risks that radon will pose to you and your family members.

Myth: You Will Only Need To Worry About Radon Gas Gathering In The Home

Radon gas seeping into the home from the surrounding ground is the most common way that individuals will be exposed to this hazardous gas. As a result of this reality, individuals will often appreciate the need to conduct radon testing of their home's interior. However, those that use well water systems can also be exposed to this gas as a result of it being absorbed by the groundwater source. This reality will make it necessary for homeowners with well systems to have their water regularly tested for the presence and concentration of radon.

Myth: The Amount Of Radon In Your Water Well Will Remain The Same Over Time

Unfortunately, the amount of radon that is being absorbed by your groundwater source will fluctuate over time. This can lead to the water testing fine for years before suddenly starting to develop hazardous levels of radon. To account for this potential risk, a homeowner should have the well's water tested every year. A comprehensive well water quality test will allow you to determine whether there are dangerous levels of radon in the water or other substances that could pose health risks to be identified. There are home-based water quality testing kits that can be used for this, but you will want to check to verify that they are capable of testing for the presence of radon.

Myth: A Radon Water System Will Make Your Water Taste Strange

When you discover that your home's water source is testing positive for radon, there are filtration systems that can be installed to remove the radon from the water. In addition to being highly effective at removing the radon from the water so that it will be safe to drink, these systems may also improve the taste of the water. This stems from the design of these systems that will use activated charcoal that will be able to remove the radon as well as other impurities from the water. This can significantly improve the taste of your well water, which can be an additional benefit to keeping your family safe from radon exposure.

For more information about radon water mitigation systems, contact a local business that offers this service.