Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch to Buy These Things Before Halloween

5 October 2020
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Families often visit pumpkin patches for a day of entertainment, whether it's walking through a corn maze, enjoying some pumpkin-themed desserts, or playing children's games. Of course, a visit to a local pumpkin patch is also an opportunity to buy some essential decor items, and this can especially be true if you're visiting before Halloween. Many pumpkin patches make Halloween displays and some even have haunted houses, which can make your pumpkin patch visit fun for your family. Here are some things that you'll want to buy while you're there.


The number one thing to shop for during a pre-Halloween pumpkin patch visit is one or more pumpkins. You'll want to display at least one carved pumpkin on your porch on Halloween, and your local pumpkin patch will almost certainly have a wider selection of pumpkins — as well as some unique varieties — than your local supermarket. Your kids will undoubtedly have fun walking around the display of pumpkins until they find the right one. You'll have all sorts of size options, so you won't have any trouble finding a large one if you have ambitious carving plans. You may want to buy a handful of smaller pumpkins if your children are going to try their hand at carving, too.

Straw Bales

In the fall, pumpkin patches often have large selections of straw bales available for sale. In rural areas, people use straw bales for a number of reasons, such as providing bedding for animals. As Halloween approaches, however, one or more straw bales can be handy for decorating your yard. For example, if you're thinking of a spooky display, straw can be useful. Perhaps you're installing headstones in your yard in time for Halloween night — if so, a body-shaped mount of straw in front of each headstone can be a good decorating idea.


Some pumpkin patches sell scarecrows, and while this device has a practical application for farmers, it can be worthwhile to buy in advance of Halloween. Scarecrows can have a creepy appearance, and installing one on your front lawn can make for a delightfully ominous scene for neighborhood children as they approach while trick or treating. You might even want to put a mask or some other type of costume element onto the scarecrow as a way to increase its spookiness. Depending on their price and on your budget, you might even think about buying a handful of scarecrows that you can set up around your yard.

For more decor ideas, check out a local pumpkin patch.