Safe Storage Of Firearms In Your Home

1 June 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you own firearms for any purpose, it is important that you have a way to secure those firearms when they are not in use. There are several different ways to do that and depending on the number of guns you own, and the level of security you need, there are options that will meet your needs. 

Handgun Safes

Gun owners that keep a single handgun in the house for protection often want to be able to retrieve the firearm quickly but still want it secure when it is not needed. A great option for these gun owners is a small, biometric safe that can be placed on the shelf in a closet or in some other inconspicuous area of the home. The benefit to these safes is that they require you to be able to properly open them with a combination of finger presses inside a plastic chamber that is too deep for small hands. These safes are very effective at keeping kids out and still allowing you to open it very quickly, even in the dark. 

Long Gun Safes

For gun owners that have sporting rifles, shotguns, or muzzleloaders, a safe tall or long enough to store the guns is important. The most common version of a long gun safe is a verticle safe that has a large door on the front. Depending on the size of the safe, they can hold anywhere from three or four guns to ten or more. Most of them have shelves inside as well for storing ammunition and handguns, and these safes can be secured to the floor from inside so they can not be removed from their location until access is gained. 

Most gun safes are fireproof as well as providing security. A gun collector or any owner that has a lot of money tied up in firearms will want to have a safe that can keep the firearms safe, even if the house burns down around it. 

Locks and Guards

Just because your firearm is in the safe does not always mean it should not have a gun lock on it. Anytime firearms are not being used, placing a trigger lock or breach cable lock on the gun is a good second line of security. If someone does can access to the safe, you want to make sure the guns in it are not able to be fired by anyone other than you. Locking the triggers or placing a lock on the gun that will not allow the action to move in the gun is a good way to ensure that no one can use the gun.