3 Potential Reasons Why Your Physical Therapy Isn't Working

22 March 2019
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If you are in the middle of recovering from an injury or if you have faced a serious illness like a stroke, then your doctor might have recommended physical therapy to help you get back into your best possible condition. You might have been hoping to see results from physical therapy right away, but if you haven't, consider these potential reasons why your physical therapy is not working like you hoped it would.

1. You Haven't Given It Enough Time

If you are ready to get back into your regular physical condition, then you could be hoping that physical therapy will work right away. You may notice some improvement after just a few sessions with your physical therapist, but this often is not the case. Depending on the extent of your injuries or other issues, it could take many physical therapy sessions before you're able to feel like yourself again. Therefore, if you aren't seeing results just yet, the key might be for you to remain patient.

2. Your Physical Therapist Isn't Addressing the Right Issues

Another potential reason why your physical therapy isn't working is because your physical therapist might not be addressing the right issues. If your injuries were diagnosed incorrectly by your doctor, for example, your physical therapist might not actually be aware of which exercises he or she should be helping you with. It might be time to see your doctor again or to see another doctor for a second opinion to make sure that the right diagnosis was made. Then, you can share any information that you get from the doctor's office with your physical therapist.

3. You Aren't Doing Your At-Home Exercises

Your physical therapist might have talked to you about the exercises that you should be doing on your own when you're at home. Doing these exercises might be challenging and might not be a lot of fun, but making sure that you do them will help you stay on track and will help you get faster results. If you haven't been doing the exercises that your physical therapist recommended, then it's important to realize that your progress could slow down because of it.

Physical therapy can be incredibly helpful for people who are recovering from injuries or who are dealing with other physical issues. However, even though you might have been working with a physical therapist, you might not have seen the results that you were hoping for just yet. Figuring out the cause of this problem, such as one or more of the issues listed above, can help you make necessary changes so that you can see the results that you're hoping for and get back into your regular physical condition as soon as possible.