Why Get Inspection Of A Newly Constructed House?

5 December 2018
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Because you might be buying a completely new house that has just been built, you may not see the need for a formal inspection done by a private inspector. Why might new construction inspection be vital to your satisfaction with the house?

Missing Parts

There are sometimes elements that are forgotten by the construction crew. Missing nails, vents, insulation and other parts are noticed by an inspector so that those problems are fixed and the house you move into is done the right way.

Overdriven Nails on Roof

Mostly, overdriven nails will encourage water pooling and splitting. For roofing shingles, overdriven nails can be a serious problem. If there are overdriven nails there, the shingles cannot seal properly and that means you may eventually deal with not only water problems, but the shingles may rip and fall off more quickly than otherwise.

Roofing Problems

Roof vents and other structural problems are often only noticed by private inspectors; many municipal personnel avoid climbing aboard the roof to do this type of check.

Attic Issues

If your attic isn't well insulated, you could pay astronomical utility costs. For that reason, a new construction inspection is needed early. With infrared cameras, inspectors can figure out whether there are specific air leaks around the the attic. Sometimes, insulation will cover poor construction that makes leaks possible, but with cameras and trained eyes, inspectors can locate problem spots.

Plumbing Problems

Many plumbing issues will be noticed by inspectors. For instance, new pipes usually won't leak, but there are times when shutoff valves and other pipe-related components are faulty. Your builder might have already done a check for leaks, fixing any obvious ones, but leaks that have had time to travel into the walls and affect other areas must be addressed.

Other plumbing details are examined by inspectors too. Any tubs and faucets need to be set so that water will drain fully and tubes from dishwashers and laundry machines also need examination.

HVAC Issues

Furnace intake pipes and other HVAC components must be checked for proper pitching and placement. Water must not be allowed to pool in condensers because of improper position, and intake pipes shouldn't be infiltrated by snow because they're too low. Internal and external dampers will need to be reviewed for function; if they don't open, good circulation is unlikely.

These elements and issues are just some of the construction details as private inspection will reveal. When the inspection is over, you'll understand why this is a task not to be skipped when purchasing a newly made home. Contact a service, like Donofrio & Associates, for more help.