Tips For Keeping Your Business's Documents Organized

5 September 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Your business may need to manage a large number of paper documents. Failing to accurately keep track of these documents can represent a major problem for your enterprise as it may lead to fines for failing to comply with regulations or customer complaints. When a business starts to rapidly grow,  management may find that their current document management approach is insufficient, and some tips may help to reduce the difficulty of managing your growing collection of business documents.

Invest In Folder Inserts

When documents are placed in folders, it can be easy for them to become disorganized. Using inserts to divide the folders into different sections can help you to avoid this problem. There are many different types of folder inserters for sale, but you may  prefer ones that have a tab at the top so that they can be easily labeled.

Designate A Day For Organizing The Filing

One day a month, you should have an employee go through the filing to make sure that it is as organized as possible. This is necessary because individuals may make mistakes when they are removing and returning documents from these folders. By periodically correcting these mistakes, you can limit the amount of disorganization that can occur. For businesses that will need to regularly access these files or those that have a larger number of files, it may be beneficial to perform this maintenance on a weekly basis.

Keep The Documents Away From Windows Or Other Sources Of Moisture

The area where you store your documents is another consideration. Storing paper near windows can damage them as this can expose them to the wavelengths of light that can bleach ink while also increasing the risk of moisture exposure. Individuals will often assume that these issues are not a problem for items in a storage cabinet. However, it is common for individuals to leave paper, folders and other documents on top of these cabinets. This can lead to them being exposed to these potential hazards. Additionally, if a window breaks during a storm, the storage cabinet will be unlikely to adequately protect the documents from the substantial amounts of rain that may enter the room.

Avoid Overfilling The Filing Cabinets And Folders

Overfilling the cabinets and folders can lead to the documents in them being damaged. In particular, this can make it much more likely that documents will become torn or extremely wrinkled. At the first sign of the filing cabinets becoming full, you may want to invest in an additional cabinet. This may require shifting the documents and folders to account for the new cabinet, but it can be worth the work for saving your documents from damage.