Protecting Your Pop-Up Canopy When Hosting A Yard Sale

4 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you intend on holding a yard sale to get rid of items you no longer need, you will most likely want guests to remain comfortable for the duration of the event. Many find that using a pop-up canopy to shade areas where salable items are for sale is a great way to keep guests looking at these wares when the weather is hot or precipitation is present. It is important to take some steps to protect your canopy from a potential mishap when several people will be using it in a small amount of time. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your canopy lasts for the duration of your event.

Be Mindful Of The Canopy's Placement For The Event

It is a good idea to plot out the exact area where you will be placing your pop-up canopy well before potential buyers arrive to your property to look over the items you have for sale. Make sure the legs will be in a spot where they are in full view of those who will be present. It is important to keep the canopy out of the way of any vehicles that may be utilizing the area as well. Placing a canopy in a grassy area is best, so it does not sustain as much chance of becoming damaged if it happens to collapse.

Use Balloons And Signs To Warn Guests To Be Careful

Consider adding some balloons to the legs of the canopy so they are easy to be seen. This works well when the legs are in a color that seems to blend in with the surroundings. A colorful ribbon can also be used to wrap around each leg so that they will be visible. Place a sign near the base of each leg indicating its presence, so those walking past will be less likely to trip over them as a result.

Keep Backup Supplies On Hand In Case Of An Accident

It is a good idea to have a few backup supplies to repair your canopy in case an incident does happen to occur and leaves some damage. A replacement canopy can be stored with your pop-up canopy for last-minute change outs, should holes or rips be discovered in the canvas covering. Poles can be reinforced with help from duct tape, if necessary. Duct tape can also cover a hole in the canvas if you do not mind an alteration in the canopy's appearance for your event. 

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