3 Reasons You Should Invest In Managed Print Services

14 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

How much does your business spend on printing? Because you might be more concerned about investing in inventory or keeping customers happy, it can be easy to overlook the amount of time and money you dedicate to basic printing. However, by using managed print services instead, you might be able to save as much as 30% on your printing costs while streamlining your system. Here are three other reasons that you should invest in managed print services:

1: Experts Will Troubleshoot For You

Wouldn't it be nice if you had an IT expert on hand 24/7 to help you with your printing needs? Printer problems can happen anytime day or night, which can significantly hamper your ability to print documents or label products. Unfortunately, unless you have the budget to hire overnight IT professionals, you might be on your own to deal with system issues.

Fortunately, managed print services companies specialize in monitoring your equipment and troubleshooting problems- on or off-site. After connecting your printers to your network, experts can carefully watch for problems and resolve issues before they affect your work environment. Believe it or not, some print management companies hire professionals to monitor systems overnight, so that you can benefit from support around the clock.

Print management companies will help you to identify system errors, printer jams, and necessary system updates. They can even let you know when your equipment is reaching the end of its useable life, so that you can start setting aside money for a new system. If you run into problems, a kind technician can walk you through troubleshooting over the phone, or attend to issues in person. You might be surprised how much more time you have on your hands when you aren't fidgeting with that antiquated printer.

2: You Can Optimize Your Workflow

It isn't always easy to identify workflow glitches that are slowing things down. Your employees might end up waiting for their turn to use the copier or walking down the hall to retrieve documents every hour or so. However, companies that specialize in managed print services can quickly spot issues and work to optimize your workflow. Here are a few ways they might be able to help:  

  • Electronic Document Routing: Printed documents are necessary sometimes, but it can be hard to constantly track important papers through the office. Managed print services software can help you to scan and route documents to the right place while recording digital copies of your work.   
  • Faster, More Efficient Printing: Believe it or not, there might be a reason your printer takes forever. Printing experts can analyze your system settings and adjust it to speed things up. For example, your printing professional might recommend a lower DPI for your receipt printing, and change the resolution on your office printer to create a more beautiful printed page.
  • Spot Bottlenecks: Printing software can also help you to identify issues with your overall printing workflow. For example, experts might recommend staggering print jobs throughout the day in order to speed things up and reduce system wear.

An optimized printing system might help your company to appear more professional while saving all of your employees time.  

3: Automatic Ordering

Another incredible service offered by many print management companies is automatic supply ordering. Because print professionals constantly monitor your equipment, they can tell when toner levels, paper, and internal stapling systems are running low. By tracking past orders, print management teams can determine whether or not you need new supplies. Instead of having to spend time walking through your office and looking up ordering numbers, managed print services can order your supplies for you so they arrive before you realize you are out.  

Taking advantage of professional print management can help you to focus on what really matters, like training your employees and attracting new customers. Visit http://www.dpoe.com to learn more.