Three Affordable Advances In Home And Business Security Systems

7 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

Whether you're hoping to increase the security of your small business, or want to protect your personal belongings from theft or damage by controlling entry into your home, you may have begun to investigate the various types of security systems available to you. Each year, more than 2,000,000 U.S. homes suffer break-ins, and homes and businesses without effective security systems are hundreds of times more likely to experience these crimes. New advances in technology have helped make recently-pioneered systems much more affordable, while bringing even more sophisticated systems onto the market. Read on to learn more about several advances in home and business security that may be able to help you protect your belongings -- not to mention your personal safety and that of your family and employees.

Remote video monitoring and surveillance

One of the most useful advances in security technology relates to the ability to arm, disarm, and view live video footage from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. These remote systems operate by using wireless technology to transmit signals from your monitoring devices to your phone or any internet-accessible device. Depending upon the complexity of the system you choose, as well as your home's electrical wiring, you may even be able to lock and unlock your doors from miles away.

These types of systems are also ideal for parents who employ nannies or babysitters to watch children within their home. With the touch of a finger, you should be able to see and hear the caregiver interacting with your children and ensure that your family is in good hands. And if you own a business, you can use your smartphone or tablet to monitor both your home and business security systems.

Biometric sensors

Another groundbreaking technology that has recently become much more affordable to the average consumer is biometric security. A decade ago, eye scanners and fingerprint sensors were reserved for the highest levels of military and government security. Today, you are able to purchase one of these biometric security systems for your own home or business.

The use of fingerprint scanners is particularly helpful when you own a business in which certain areas should be available to only a select few employees. One of the primary advantages to these systems, in both the business and home contexts, is the ability to instantly add or delete users from the security system's profile. Most systems will allow you to program several dozen users into its memory, and the most sophisticated systems will even allow you to restrict or permit access by specific user.

In the business context, this will allow you to add and delete trusted employees at will. In the personal context, this makes it safe and simple to have someone house- or pet-sit while you're on vacation without providing them with an easily reproduced key to your home. You can also program parents and grandparents into your system if you'd like them to have access to your home during your absence.

Intercom systems

Another effective deterrent to break-ins and thefts is the use of a concealed outdoor camera and video intercom system. Many of these systems are concealed in an outdoor light or other unobtrusive device, and can alert you to the presence of strangers outside your home, as well as allow you to communicate with solicitors and other unwanted guests without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Because it's difficult to ensure that every angle of the interior is adequately monitored by a video camera, placing this camera outside your home or business's points of entry will ensure that you get a crystal-clear photo of any potential intruders. Be sure to place these cameras at or below eye level so that they can capture a good picture of your unwanted visitor.

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